Share & Embed

All projects on Zapp! can be shared with anyone else on the web (private projects coming later). If someone else edits your project, it will be forked.

Simply copy the URL of your project and share it with anyone.


Projects can also be embedded on 3rd party websites via an iframe. When you embed a project, a configurable simplified editor will be displayed instead, however the UI will offer the option to open the project directly on Zapp! allowing users to experience the full editor.

You can embed projects by creating an iframe with the URL of your project, including Pub & GitHub imports, for example:

<iframe src=""></iframe>
<iframe src=""></iframe>
<iframe src=""></iframe>
<iframe src=""></iframe>

Embedding is great for tutorials, documentation, and more.

Via UI#

To embed a project via the UI, press the "Embed" button in the top right of the editor:

A dialog will show with configuration options, including the ability to copy the embed code, modify the theme, lazy load and the default editor view.

Dialog Example

Manual embedding#

To embed a project, simply add the following to your website:

  style="width: 100%; height: 100%; border: 0; overflow: hidden;">

Change out the src for your own project URL.

This will display the embedded preview, taking up the maxium width and height of the parent element.

View Type#

By default, the editor will show either the code editor, preview or both depending on the available width the embed has. To override this, you can configure the split search param to be a value between 0 & 100 (percentage):

<!-- Default (split based on available width): -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

<!-- 50/50 editor and preview -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

<!-- 75/25 editor and preview -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

<!-- 100 (editor only) -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

<!-- 0 (preview only) -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

Lazy Loading#

Lazy loading prevents the editor from downloading until interaction has occurred - helping to reduce initial bandwidth usage if the embed is not too important to your page.

To enable lazy loading, add the lazy=true search param to the iframe src:

<iframe src=""></iframe>


By default, the editor theme (light or dark) will use the users preference (if set) or the default theme operating system.

To force override this, add the theme search param as light or dark to the iframe src:

<iframe src=""></iframe>