Zapp! supports using any web compatible Dart and/or Flutter package. You can find packages on, the official package repository for Dart and Flutter.

Once you've found a package, you can check whether it's compatible by idenfying whether the Web platform is listed, for example:

HTTP Web Example

Installing Packages#

Much like a local project, you can add packages to the dependencies section of your pubspec.yaml file. For example:

name: flutter_app
description: A new Flutter project.

  sdk: '>=2.18.2 <3.0.0'

    sdk: flutter
  http: ^0.13.5

Once added, you can install the package by either building your application, by running the 'pub get' command, or the 'Pub Get' editor action.

Using Packages#

Once installed, simply import the package at the top of any .dart file in your project:

import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;

var url = Uri.https('', 'whatsit/create');
var response = await, body: {'name': 'doodle', 'color': 'blue'});

IntelliSense support is built directly into the editor, so you can easily identify any available classes, methods, properties or errors with your package usage.

Package Versions#

Much like you'd expect from your local environment, you can specify a version range for any package you install. For example:

http: ^0.13.5  # Install version 0.13.5 or later, but before 0.14.0
http: '0.13.5' # Install version 0.13.5 specifically
http:          # Install the latest version of the package

To lean more, visit the official documentation.