Assets are files which are bundled as part of your project, and include features such as Asset Varients. Assets may be images, sounds, fonts or any other file type.

Assets are not the same as public files located in your web directory.

Zapp! supports both local assets and assets included in packages.

Adding assets#

Just like you would locally, specify your assets within your pubspec.yaml file.

    - assets/my_icon.png
    - assets/fonts/

You can specify specific files or directories (including varient support). See the Flutter documentation for more information.

Once defined, add your assets via the File Explorer under the assets directory.

Naming the directory assets is only convention, it can be anything you like.

Once added, make sure you build your application. The build process will bundle the assets into your application build output.

Using assets#

Once you have built your application, you can then use your assets in your code, for example:

return const Image(image: AssetImage('assets/my_icon.png'));

If assets are include from 3rd party packages, you can access them as usual:

return const AssetImage('icons/heart.png', package: 'my_icons');